What: Wasena Neighborhood Forum Meeting/Perennial Swap

When: June 6th, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

Where: RND Coffee


Hey neighbor! Is that giant clump of iris no longer the apple of your eye? Are the day-lilies taking over your yard giving you nightmares? Are the red hot pokers burning up your garden space? Well divide your perennials and bring them to the June WNF meeting to share with your neighbors! Try to parcel your plants into grab and go sizes, so everyone can swap efficiently. Food perennials and leftover annuals are also welcome! We will do the swap outside after the meeting so we don’t make a muddy mess of our borrowed meeting space. Happy dividing!

One thought on “June Wasena Neighbor Forum Meeting – 06/06 7PM at RND Coffee

  1. Changed phones, lost the Wasena Forum website & unable to reconnect. Could you please forward info so that I may get back on.
    Thanks much,
    Dennis Murphy
    911 Howbert Ave. SW


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