Good Morning Wasena!  

Get ready for week 3 of the WasenaStrong Gift Card Contest, the contest where you enter to win a gift card to Wasena businesses. This week’s contest theme is “ART.” Please submit a picture or recording of your Wasena inspired ART by tagging or DM us @wasenaroanoke on Instagram or sending it to by midnight on Wednesday, June 3rd. Remember, these are not being graded, just a pass/fail for participation so don’t be shy! Truly, this could be a sketch, a painting, a sculpture, a song, a poetry reading, stacked stones, a carving, your child’s crayon drawing, or macaroni glued on construction paper. It just needs a title.

 Congratulations to our winners from week 2 “Haikus”, Emily & Macy! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and please keep playing, the odds are in your favor!

Remember, the money we receive from the sale of WasenaStrong t-shirts supports this contest, so check them out at the link below!

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